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Our Film Moon Over Hong Kong is available
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Jake, a disenfranchised special forces agent "in retirement" has been summoned up by the secret service to find and kill an enemy agent named the Black Dahlia who has been killing our boys with a deadly secret weapon, leaving them powerless and submissive. That springs him into action that spirals right across the Pacific from New York City to Los Angeles to Hong Kong blazing a trail of action and sex coupled with espionage and intrigue that will give you the bang for the buck you always wished fot. Pre-Order your copy now.

Our 2005 hit Bowser Makes A Movie is available at Blockbuster and

Our 2006 offbeat film Get A Life is also available for at Blockbuster and

Our 2007 Film Father Knows..has beem released in 2007

Our noirish sexy downer "Live For Sex Die For Love" was released in 2008

We are on pre production with several films of which we will post the details in weeks to come.

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Justin is to be released 9.30.2008 and Moon Over Hong Kong on 10.30.2008 Both movies are preselling now.

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